Friday, November 10, 2017

Author Spotlight ~ Jeremy Mac ~ By Melissa Rob

Claxton. City of Cities. A surreally huge, life changing, dream filled nightmare of a megalopolis. And that's in the more sedate areas of the city. On the west side, when day succumbs to night, a much wilder breed awakens...emerges...prowls...stalks. Anything can happen. And often will. And what's more, anything can be had. There's a fine line between predator and prey. Both come in many forms and each are driven by their own fiendish hunger. But for one, it is a hunger unlike any other.

"Frozen Faces @ 4:20" Is a sequel to "Pleasure Spiked with Pain". It is a contemporary novel.
Fists of fury nailed into Nathaniel “Gus” Guston’s face sealed his fate and love for the beautiful Gianna Valencia, and now, one year later, the two hold bright aspirations for their future together. Positive plans are in the works for the two and with Gus’s side gig pulling in some extra bank every week things are looking good and coasting along smoothly . . . Until everything dangerously accelerates with the discovery of a dead body and a half a ton of the world’s most sought after marijuana. Whether it’s a blessing in disguise or a disaster waiting to happen, differentiating between the two becomes debatable, Gus must do his all-time best in dealing with the intense situation he stumbled into as he makes the most difficult decisions of his life that can either make him or break him, while also putting his relationship with Gianna to the ultimate test of love and trust.

There’s a fine line between careless and carefree, and for the most part of Nathaniel “Gus” Guston’s young adult life he has haphazardly teetered on the edge of both sides of that line. Through a steady diet of drug addled debauchery and reckless excursions, accompanied by his small circle of close friends, Gus has always been down for just about anything.

That is, until the night he meets Gianna Valencia, the half Spaniard beauty with a heart of gold, but she’s got some heavy baggage of her own; a boyfriend with an attitude every bit as big as himself, and he will lose Gianna to no one.

Gus soon finds himself caught at a crossroad torn between the free-spirited philanderous life he’s grown accustomed to for so many years and that of a life of uncertainty in vying for the woman of his dreams.

And then the unimaginable happens; someone is killed, and now everything seems at risk.


Cataclysmic events rock the world, bringing with it a wave of panic and destruction civilization has never seen. Cities tear themselves apart, governments crumble, countries wither and die, and to add to the catastrophe a deadly virus simply referred to as The New Disease follows in the wake. Many survivors adopt a resilient ruthlessness to equalize their modern nature with that of the world of today for the sake of survival. But there are still those who dwell within the remnants of yesteryear, desperately holding on to a thread of hope for a better tomorrow.

Claxton, once known as the City of Cities, has divided itself into two opposing sides. The north side, now named The Pinnacle, has rebuilt itself to nearly economic perfection within its concrete and steel environment with fully operational farms and gardens and a perpetual supply of purified water.
The south side, Maddick, named for the man who leads them, is infested with all walks of madness and criminals from what was spat from the bowels of the old world, and they are all overwrought with bloodlust and envy. The Pinnacle is barricaded within high walls, the front gate is the only access, armed guards walk these walls and gate around the clock, but The Pinnacle has been breached before, and with the right instrument, it can be breached again.

And then a stranger to the city shows up in a pristine vehicle loaded with food and weapons. But the mysterious stranger hasn’t come to battle nor to barter with either side. The reason for his sudden presence runs much deeper than anyone can imagine, and he will do whatever it takes to fulfill that reason.

Jeremy Mac is a multi-genre fiction author with three novels, one novella, and several short stories and poems to his list of writing credits. His short stories and poems have been published in Horrified Press's X4 anthology, Devolution Z, Down in the Dirt, Conceit, Ascent Aspirations, The Ultimate Writer, Spontaneous Spirits, The Bracelet Charm, The Enchanted File Cabinet, Transcendent Visions, Struggle, and Dead Snakes. An avid lover of sand and sun, Mac has frolicked throughout the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, but he currently writes from Arkansas. 

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