Saturday, April 22, 2017

The One Awakened by Melissa Rob

If you're a fan of This Man series and Mr. Jesse Ward himself, you'll love this series.  Check it out!

Find out how it all began for Sebastian Silver and Lucia Myers in this gripping erotic friends to lovers series (The One Trilogy) that really does have it all, by British author Alexandra North.
Book 1 The One Awakened, Book 2 The One Addicted and the conclusion, Book 3 The One Adored.

It began a decade ago with a spilt drink and a missed opportunity amongst two people destined to be together. Now ten years on, sexually frustrated Lucia Myers is seeing her friend as though it were the first time…

Lu decides that he should be the one to encourage her inner wantonness. What were friends for - if not to help when one was in need?
She forms a plan… a proposition of sorts; one night of pleasure, I’m open to anything, with no ties - the text reads. She wants to be awakened by someone she can truly trust; one with a skilled repertoire with the ladies and one who will never want more from her – cue Sebastian - the ultimate alpha player!
The heat between them is scorching; the constant fight for control undeniable, as they struggle between the blurred lines of the term ‘mates’.
Together they sizzle, but apart they are broken. They must become strangers, and forget their friendship to become lovers, for Lucia to fulfill her desires and for Sebastian to awaken her in a way no other man has achieved. Forces from their past and present try to destroy their future and all the while, Lucia has this feeling that she is being watched, by another…

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