Friday, October 30, 2015

RDB/Review - Baking & Babies - Tara Sivec - Rebecca

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First... let me say this...
SCREW YOU, TARA SIVEC AND I REFUSE TO HUG IT OUT!!! hashtag:ThisDamnBookMadeMeCry hashtag:ScrewYouTomBrady
Seriously.  I adore the heck out of Tara's RomComs.  I'm not even going to try to play coy and pretend they're just alright.  I pee my pants. I get dirty looks from the family for laughing and snorting so much.  I say ridiculous crap that no one in their right mind has a clue about what I'm saying all because... TARAMOTHERFUGGINSIVEC GOT IT IN MY HEAD! 
It's sorcery.  She is honestly one of my favorite authors on the planet for a number of reasons, but the #1 reason is - she can weave a damn tale together with precision accuracy and make me question my sanity.  She can write across multiple genres and still make me love every word.  She can make me laugh my butt off, and cry... in the same story. 

Baking & Babies is a culmination of years of my favorite stories.  The laughs are endless... until... the end, of course (does that make any sense?!?!  Probably not.  You'll understand when you get there... )  The Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics series aren't exactly for the faint of heart.  They're crude.  They're obnoxious.  They're absolutely genius in humor, with perfectly punctuated comical poundings coming and coming and coming... and then coming one more time just for good measure.

I adore them. I may have the sense of humor of a teenage boy, but I mean, I do live with all boys and I in fact have a teenage son, so maybe they've left me where I just can't function like a normal human being.   But... with that... GOD, do these books make me laugh til I cry and they're some of the first I recommend to people. 

I had worried that maybe by this point in this series these books wouldn't have the same oomph for me, but it definitely didn't fail to deliver - and this book came at the perfect time when I just needed a good, comical, laugh til I cry session in life.   If you need a feel-good pick-me-up this is your book and if you haven't started from the first book that started it all, do yourself a favor and getcha some!

I'm in love with Marco - and that Italian Stallion is mine, btw. :)

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