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Review ~ Finders Keepers by Nicole Williams ~ JMAC

NEW YORK TIMES and USATODAY Bestselling Series

There’s tortured. And there’s Garth Black.

His life has been a constant carousel of tragedy and disappointment, including his love life. Of course, applying the term “love” to Garth’s conquests is a gross misuse of the word. Some people were made to give and accept love, and others weren’t. Garth Black redefines the “others” category. He’s made a vow that the day he meets a woman who could sucker him into falling in love will be the day he runs away.

Garth’s plan has one flaw. What happens when he’s already fallen hard for a girl before the warning signs and red flags go up? What happens when the love he’s avoided his entire life brings him to his knees? What happens when Garth Black lets the dirtiest four letter word he’s ever known into his dark, lonely life?

This cowboy’s about to find out he can control some things, and he can’t control others. Number one on the what he can’t control list?


**Recommended for mature readers due to moderate content and language**
Oh I've missed this series!!
Garth..... A sexy bad boy, not to mention he's also a cowboy. *SWOON*
We met Garth in the first two books of the Lost & Found series.  He was Jesse's friend.  Garth was the reason why Jesse and ex fiancé, Josie broke up.  Don't feel bad for Jesse though, he's found himself a great girl Rowen.
OK, back to Garth.  So Finders Keepers had me in tears for most of the book.  Garth has a rough life. Like really rough.  With a mom who left a long time ago, and a father who would take a break from beating Garth so he can take a swig from the bottle, Garth was left with no one.  It was all he knew.
Josie has been apart of Garth's life since they were in Kindergarten.  Right about the time Garth fell in love with Josie.  He always thought they would end up together.  He didn't want to live a life without Josie in it.  That's when the sweet, charming, cowboy came into town and took Josie away from Garth.  Yes, that cowboy was Jesse. 
I know this review might be a little confusing, but that's because you have to have read books 1 and 2 in the series to be able to understand all of this. 
So like I said earlier Garth was the reason Jesse and Josie broke up.  He never meant to hurt his best friend, and betray him like he did, but that doesn't mean he regrets what happened with Josie.  Not by a long shot. 
Josie is one of my favorite girl characters ever!!! (besides Rowen of course)
Josie has no problem telling you off, male or female.  She puts up with Garth (which says a lot because well its Garth we're talking about).  The thing I love most about Josie is her loyalty.  When she loves, she loves hard, and I love that about her.
Finders Keepers is the story of learning how to love.  Letting yourself feel worthy of love, and loving in return. 
Both Garth and Josie have such a chemistry that's beautiful.  The problem is Garth isn't used to being loved, let alone loving someone.  Will he be able to accept love, or will he be alone for the rest of his life?
To find out what happens with Garth and Josie one click Finders Keepers.  You will not be disappointed.
Nicole you've already had me as a forever fan.  Finders Keepers is just proof as to why I love your amazing books!!
Finders Keepers
Lost & Found (Book 1)
Near & Far (Book 2)
*About The Author*
I'm a wife, a mom, a writer. I started writing because I loved it and I'm still writing because I love it. I write young adult because I still believe in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings. Here's to staying young at heart *raises champagne glass* . . . care to join me?

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