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Review ~ TKO by Ana Layne ~ JMAC


Author: Ana Layne
Publisher:  Limitless Publishing

Raegan Montgomery's life changed in an instant…

One minute you think you know someone and the next minute they’re a stranger. When Raegan was forced to make a decision, she ended up alone. All. Alone. 

One step inside a gym was all it took. 

The ring became her escape. She was more determined than ever to move on and forget her old life. That was, until she saw those blue eyes.

Garrett Johnson wants nothing more than to spend his time training and dominating in the ring.

It's what he's good at. 

It's what he does. 

He has no time, or desire, to be entangled in a relationship. But after one look at Raegan, his whole world shifted. He needs her, he needs to know her, only its not so easy. This may be a fight he can’t win. 

Will he be able to win Raegan over? Or will it end in a total knock out?



TKO was a really quick, enjoyable read.
Raegan Montgomery had it rough at home.  Stuck in a house with her abusive father, who happens to be a cop was extremely hard for Raegan.  When her stepmother moved out because she couldn't handle the abuse, that left Raegan to be her fathers new punching bag, and that's exactly what she became. 
After breaking up with her boyfriend, Raegan decides she needs to learn how to protect herself from her father.  What better way than joining a fighting gym?
It doesn't help that the gym she joined consists of 5 people.  Oh, and the main fighter, Garrett is just to die for.  GOD HE'S SO YUMMY..
Garrett is the type of guy all girls love to look at, but wouldn't want to be serious with because, well he's a player.  He doesn't do relationships.  Until he meets Raegan, then all of that changes.  Because of Raegan, he finds himself wondering what it would be like in a real relationship.  
TKO was a fast paced story.  The only thing I would have loved to see was more emotion.  For everything Raegan was going through, I didn't feel it.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good story, I just wish it gave me more emotion. 
The characters were great, I loved how close everyone was. For her first novel, Ana did a good job. TKO was a 4 star read for me. 
 Raegan gives Garrett a run for his money throughout the entire book.  With everything she deals with at home, she doesn't want to be a burden on someone else.  
Will they be able to have a relationship, or will Raegan keep pushing everyone away?
To find out, one click TKO :)

<3 JMAC 



I don’t want her fighting anymore. She doesn’t need to, she’s away from her dad, and he was the reason she started all this. I can take care of her and make sure she has everything she’s ever wanted. What I can’t figure out is how to bring it up without upsetting her. I finally have her where I have always wanted her and I’m scared to lose her. I’m not scared of anything except that. I could lose every fight for the rest of my life and not feel a thing, but to lose her would completely tear me apart. She’s turned my life around and made me want to be a better person. I don’t know what the future has in store for us but all I can hope is she’s there for the rest of my life.


Ana Layne

Ana Layne was born and raised in south Louisiana where she still resides with her family. She owns more books than she will probably ever read, but can't resist a good story. When she's not reading or writing she loves to relax and enjoy life.

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