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REVIEW~ Shattered by Pamela Sparkman and Deanna Gohn ~ JMAC

Synopsis: Close your eyes for a moment and picture this.

A gorgeous redhead walks into a bar.

No, wait, a wedding reception.

A gorgeous redhead walks into a wedding reception. Poised, polished and flawless - on the outside.

He's tall, dark, and handsome, exactly like a fairytale prince and he won't take no for an answer as he leads her to the dance floor.

But this will be no ordinary dance and theirs is no ordinary story. What begins as rhythmic steps on a dance floor fluidly and beautifully becomes the rhythm of two hearts meant to beat as one.

Until the music stops.

In a moment everything she's put behind her comes crashing down, threatening to destroy what his love has helped repair and rebuild.

Life throws punches and it hits hard when you least expect it.

What they learn is that sometimes, in order to be truly whole, you have to first be shattered to your very core.


I absolutely loved Shattered!  It was just the most beautifully written love story, but I wasn’t surprised because after reading Stolen Breaths (book 1 in series), I knew this book would be nothing short of amazing.
Shattered is book two in the Stolen Breaths Series.  It starts right where Stolen Breaths (book 1) left off.  So, Shattered follows the relationship between Joe and Maggie, and goodness, what a beautiful, heartfelt relationship it was.

When you find someone who is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for you, you’ve found your prince.  All the kisses in the world won’t make him something he isn’t from the start.” -Joe
We met Joe’s character in Stolen Breaths, he was Cooper’s best friend, and Maggie is Lily’s best friend.  From the start, both Joe and Maggie have this connection, unlike anything they’ve ever felt before.  Maggie tries hard to close herself off because she’s been hurt in the past, and Joe is just Joe.  With his hilarious personality, and god like features, he’s hard to resist.

He made me feel things I wasn’t used to feeling.  No one had ever left me so flustered and so enamored at the same time.  I wanted more.  More of him. More of anything and everything that was about him.  I think I needed it too, I just never knew how much.”  
Maggie and Joe’s story might be my favorite.  I connected to Maggie on a personal level.  The things she’d been through in her past, I found myself relating to more than I even care to admit.  Maggie was scared of loving anyone because being rejected from the ones you love is the worst kind of hurt you can experience.  I understood that.

I had recently faced things that I thought I never would and I had come out on the other side, realizing that I was a lot stronger than I thought.  For the first time in my adult life I was truly happy and ready to make a major change; a major move.” - Maggie
Joe on the other hand just wanted Maggie to let him in.  He knew he could never hurt her, he just wanted a fair shot.

I feel like I’m dreaming with my eyes open when I look at you.”
The way both Pamela and Deanna wrote this book was just fabulous.  I connected with every word written in this book.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  As we all know I love a good love story.  Shattered made me fall hard; this book broke me and put me back together at the same time.  The emotions coursing through my body while reading this book is hard to even explain.  I was laughing, crying, smiling hard.  I felt every single emotion known to man while reading Shattered.  Both authors have a special way of writing.  I didn’t know where one stopped and the other started.  It all just meshed so well together.  It goes without saying this book is a 5 star read.  Shattered is a beautiful love story filled with emotion, heartbreak, and love.  This story will make you cry your eyes out and in the next sentence, have you smiling so hard you feel like you might burst.  I realize my review hasn’t done justice to how amazing this book is, so you just have to trust me and one click it.  I promise you won’t regret it.  It’s that amazing!

Pamela you already have me as a forever fan, and Deanna I am now a huge fan of yours.  You girls should write together more often, because the writing style was just phenomenal.


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Stolen Breaths (Stolen Breaths #1)

Synopsis: “I have dents, bruises, scars, and cracks so deep that it’s a wonder I’m not in a million pieces…”

Sometimes things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes pain lies underneath, buried so deep that for a moment you let yourself forget – until you can’t.
I didn't realize how numb I was until I started feeling again, and he made me feel – everything. Cooper Hudson came into my life when I needed him the most – twice.

This is my story. This is the story of us.

“It was funny how you never really realized how lifeless you were until someone came along and gave you that shock to the chest that forced your heart to start beating again.”

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