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REVIEW ~ Self Destruct by KD Carrillo ~ JMAC

Author: KD Carrillo
Series: Destroy #1
Genre: New Adult | Romantic Suspense
Becca Scott spent years burying her traumatic past under alcohol and boys. With the help of her best friend she struggles to accept herself and let go of the pain. She thought she had figured out how to stop the cycle of self-destruction she was on, until she met Aiden. 

Aiden Ryan lives with constant self-hatred. He allows those close to him to manipulate his life for their own gain, because he feels he deserves it. He was resigned to marry a woman he doesn't love, until he met Becca.

Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together, but can their pasts let go of them?


I really enjoyed Self Destruct.  This is the first time reading KD Carrillo's work, and I wasn't disappointed.  Self Destruct is the story about two very different people, who are both broken inside.  Both Becca, and Aiden are dealing with things from their past that makes it hard for them both to be happy.  I loved Aiden's character! Talk about a caveman.  When it comes to Becca, Aiden just can't help it.  He has this overwhelming urge to protect her, and he tries his best to do so.  Becca, poor Becca.  My heart broke for her.  She was just so broken, at first I really didn't see her ever being happy.  Once someone breaks your spirit (which is exactly what happened to Becca at a young age), it's hard to overcome it.  Aiden and Becca both had a lot to deal with.  Between Aiden's mother trying to control him, and Becca's continuous negative thoughts, they had a lot fighting against them. 
KD Carrillo's writing was great.  I felt the emotions of both characters.  They both went through very real life things, things that could happen to anyone.  I liked that most about the book, that the things the characters went through are very common, yet very hard things to go through.  KD had a beautiful way of explaining everything, and getting me to connect personally with each character.  KD you did a wonderful job with Self Destruct.  I can't wait to read more of your work!

<3 JMAC  

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Aiden's POV 

“Hey Ya” by Outkast began playing over the stereo. Becca started doing a sexy wiggle without thinking, so I led her to where her friend had pushed the furniture aside to make room for dancing. “Toni hates new music. She only listens to stuff from the 90’s and early 2000’s,” Becca whispered. The tequila made her voice become husky and was going to trash the rest of my self-control. 

I grabbed her waist and pulled her body tight against mine. My hips started to sway us back and forth. Her upper body turned and undulated across my chest and stomach. Her tiny hands slid across my chest and around my neck. I could tell she was slender looking at her, but holding her I realized her clothes were hiding a fantastic body. She had soft curves, but she also had tight muscles pulling while she danced. 

I looked into her jade green eyes. She was really very pretty. All peaches and cream skin surrounded by dark red hair. I’m sure girls have a different name for the color, dark red softened by tones of brown. It was so thick and soft. I love long hair on girls, and hers fell most of the way down her back.  
I might be a bastard, but my resistance was slipping. I leaned in and gently nibbled the tender skin of her neck. I felt her try to suppress a moan. I took my right hand from her waist and buried it in the hair at the back of her neck and went in for a kiss. 



K. D. Carrillo is a graduate of Central Washington University, the setting of Self Destruct. Her days are spent with her son, her rescued Aussie, and usually with a book.

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