Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review ~ Love Left Behind by Willow Davis ~ JMAC

Cassie has it all: great friends, a loving boyfriend. The perfect life. Until, on the day he proposes, James is brutally murdered in a break-in gone wrong. Suddenly, her perfect life is filled with hushed conversations and stares laden with pity. Nothing is forgotten in her small town. In an effort to leave her past behind, she packs up and moves across the country to sunny Southern California. A new, fresh start where no one knows about James or her life with him.

Joel has had his share of heartbreak. Diana was the love of his life and losing her changed him forever. Despite his friends' many tries, he isn't ready to move past the friend boundary with any of the girls he is set-up with. That is, until he meets Cassie; she makes him feel things he isn't ready to face. When tragedy strikes and Cassie is forced to face her demons in her home state, Joel accepts the friend role and tags along.

But, someone is angry that Cassie left her life and everyone in it behind.

Together, can Joel and Cassie find out who wants her dead, and both make it out alive?

I really enjoyed Love Left Behind.  I was kept on my toes through out the entire story.  With all the twists and turns, I was hooked from page one. 
My heart broke for Cassie.  She was your average girl, who had everything she needed.  She had a family, great friends, and an amazing fiancĂ©.  A tradgety left Cassie alone, with nothing on her mind except for fnning.  Running away from everything she had, from the pain. 
Joel knows the exact pain Cassie is feeling.  They both have lost, and they both are just living life wishing they could go back and change things.  Make it so they didn't have to wake up everyday missing what they had.  Of coarse that is way easier said than done. 
Willow Davis has a way with words.  Her writing connected me on a personal level with the characters.  I felt what they were feeling, and I love that. 
Love Left Behind is a story of love.  Losing it, and over coming it.  Learning that it's more than ok to love after loss. 
Willow, I loved your debut novel, and I cant wait for more!

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