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Review ~ Better Than Okay ~ Jacinta Howard ~ JMAC

Book Title:  Better Than Okay
Author:  Jacinta Howard
Genre: Romance
“Sometimes it’s not whether or not you survive, but HOW you survive. I guess that might be the thing that makes you the person you are... How you survive.”
When Miami music writer Destiny Michaels learned her childhood friend, the always cool and collected Brian Jace, was moving from their hometown of Phoenix to Miami, she wanted to do cartwheels across Ocean Drive.
Brian has always been able to counter Destiny’s annoying tendency to overthink things, and he’s the only person she knows with a love for music that’s as intense as hers.  However, when he arrives she quickly realizes there’s been a major shift in their formally platonic relationship. And no matter how scared she is about taking things to the next level, their feelings only intensify.
But just as she begins to believe that real love can exist outside of sappy romantic comedies, Destiny is forced to question everything she thinks she knows about life, including her new feelings for Brian.
She soon discovers that while we can’t control some things that happen to us, the power of unconditional love, once accepted, can make life better than okay.
It's hard to believe that this is Jacinta's debut novel.  I really really loved Better Than Okay. 
Both Brian and Destiny are hands down my favorite book couple thus far.
Destiny and Brian have known each other since they were much younger.  Along with Destiny's cousin, who is Brian's best friend.  Anyways, on a trip to New Orleans for a work project, Destiny meets up with Brian, who is also their for work purposes.  Things between them are just.... different.  Brian is giving off vibes that Destiny cant really read.  
While catching up Brian lets Destiny know that he'll be moving, because of his job, to the same town Destiny is currently living in.  To say Destiny is happy, is an understatement.  
As they both get used to each others company again, Destiny starts developing feelings, that she didn't know she had, for Brian.  
While she is getting used to the idea of her and Brian being more than friends, a horrible incident happens to Destiny that changes her forever. 
She is no longer the person Brian, or anyone for that matter, knew.  She's distraught, empty, broken, and full of hate.  She was robbed of the most precious thing know to anyone.  
Sometimes certain things happen to us as people, that some people just cant recover from.  This was that for Destiny.  
Even though Destiny knows that she loved Brian, she feels like he deserved more than her brokenness. 
Without giving anymore away, I just want to say that Better Than Okay was an amazing read.  It was the perfect story of love; discovering it, understanding it, cherishing it, and giving it back in return.  
Jacinta, I truly enjoyed your writing, and look forward to reading more from you.  You did an amazing job with this 5 star read.
You have gained a forever fan in me!
<3 JMAC  
Author Information:
Jacinta Howard is a writer and avid music lover who resides in the Atlanta area with her daughter and husband. Currently the entertainment editor at Upscale Magazine, she finds her happy place deep in the pages of a great novel, on the beach listening to good music and hanging with her family.
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