Monday, August 18, 2014

Review ~ What If ~ Bayli Lane ~ JMAC

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE, Contemporary Romance: Due to language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

For some people falling in love was a happy, glowing experience. For Briar Kelly and Arrow Donovan it was more like getting hit by a freight train.

Caring for one another was never an easy feat. They constantly fought to hold their feelings inside, not wanting to jeopardize their friendship. Then, Arrow left for the Marines, and everything changed. Briar was shattered. Arrow was hurt.

While Briar told herself she’d never let another man affect her in such a way, Arrow still remained in the forefront of her mind. For Arrow, his memories of Briar kept him alive in both of his near death experiences. When Arrow’s demons threatened to drag him under, Briar was there, pulling him from the darkness.

"What ifs" keep piling up while resentment and redemption battles continue; will Briar and Arrow be able to find their happily ever after, or will this be one war that Arrow can't win?

 I truly loved everything about What IfWhat If was one of those books that captured me from the very first word.  I could not put it down, not even for a second!
I loved Briar's character from the beginning.  She was your normal teenage girl. Secretly she's always loved her best friend Arrow.  They met at a party when they were younger.  Briar found herself in a bad situation, and Arrow was there to save the day.  Ever since their first encounter, they were inseparable.  Briar was always with Arrow, and Arrow always with Briar. 
I really liked how Bayli did the dual point of views.  Both characters had some type of feeling toward the other, both not knowing what the other was thinking. 
What If is an amazingly beautiful story of learning to not second guess yourself.  Both Arrow and Briar feared that they weren't good enough for the other, therefore missing out on a life they could have shared together, as more than just friends.
Bayli, you did a fabulous job with this book. I felt so attached to all of the characters.  My heart felt both happy and broken at times.  I love your writing style, and cant wait for more!
What If is a must read.  I always love a good romance, and What If was exactly that.  A beautiful, heartfelt, sad, loving story. 
What If is a well deserved 5 star read!
Bayli, you have a forever fan in me!








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