Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ Finding Her Muse ~ L. Mertz

I thought I had found my Prince charming, my happily ever after. Turns out, the prince was a liar and happily ever after’s only exist in books; my books. Or at least they did until the writer’s block kicked in.
Mary is a mother of a beautiful little girl. As an accomplished indie author with a major block, she’s feeling the pressure from her editor and fans to put out another book. She has to find someone, something, to inspire her and get her out of this funk. She wasn’t looking for romance. Especially not from someone so young, but if she was taught anything growing up, it was that age is just a number.
Landon is completely lost after just losing his only living relative, his Grandmother. All in the middle of getting his degree. He knows he needs to finish, for himself, and to make his Grandmother proud, but what about after? An unexpected gift left behind by his grandmother gives him the chance of following his dream and opening an art studio. A night out with his friend turns into a whole lot more than he ever could have expected.
One night, too many drinks and a need to be wanted pull Mary and Landon together for a ride neither one of them are sure they are ready for.
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