Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ex Convict by Ashely Beale ~ JMAC



I really enjoyed reading Ex Convict.

Hope was a popular girl in high school.  When a girl Jenny spreads a rumor about Hope, Hope creates a plan to make Jenny's life a living hell. 

What Hope thinks is a way to get even, quickly turns into something that she'll regret for the rest of her life. 

After doing 6 years in women's prison for manslaughter, Hope begins her new life, with a positive goal.  Hope wants to help teenagers overcome the horrible epidemic that has become bullying. 

She begins motivational speaking in high schools, spreading her story, explaining how bullying affected her life in such a horrible way. 

While adjusting to her new found freedom, Hope makes a promise to not fall in love.  Mostly because she feels she doesn't deserve it for what she's done. 

Then comes Wes...

Wes is the epitome of an asshole, especially when it comes to the way he treated women.  He uses them for sex, and has no shame whatsoever in doing so.  He doesn't kiss, and never lets them spend a night. 

When a chance meeting at a party, bring Hope and Wes together, Hope is loving every second of Wes's rules.  Hope feels like she deserves to be used and abused, so she quickly agrees to his terms. 

Wes is used to having a night of fun, what he's not used to is wanting more with someone. 

While both Hope and Wes try to act as if their relationship is just sex, nothing more nothing less, something happens that quickly leaves the both of them wishing they admitted how they really felt for one another. 

Ex Convict was a great story.  I love how Ashley Beale touched on the subject of bullying.  It's a real issue that many people deal with on a daily basis.  It was a subject that I can easily relate to.  I give Ex Convict a bold 4 stars, I'm looking forward to reading more from Ashley Beale. 




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