Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nicholas Tanek's The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself 5 Star Review!


     Honestly I'm at a loss for words; I feel like I can't come up with the right wording to truly express how much I loved this book. 
     I knew minutes into reading The Coolest Way that it was going to be something I would never be able to forget, and even that's an understatement.  Don't let the title fool you, no one kills them self in this book.  Nicholas Tanek takes his readers on an emotional journey of love; gaining it, losing it, understanding it, accepting it, and fighting for it. 
     The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself is written for Nicholas' love "Lynn", who unfortunately passed in 2012.  I honestly felt so emotionally connected to Nicholas throughout reading this book.  I felt like he was telling me his story personally; like he wanted me to know every aspect of the life he lived, good and bad.  What I loved most is when he personally addresses the reader many times throughout the book.  To me, that was brilliant and made me feel even more connected to the story and characters. 
     This wasn't your typical "love" story.  There are a lot of aspects to the story.  In the end, the most important of those, love.  Learning to appreciate love, not taking it for granted.  Nicholas was lucky enough to be given the chance to experience love in the most important form; purity. 
     Lynn is such an inspiration to me as a woman.  She was real.  She went through things that no woman should have to go through, and more.  The two met in their teens, and shortly became friends with some of the same interests; sex, drugs and music.  What could be better than that, right?
     What was an extremely close friendship, quickly turned into more.  Lynn wanted more from Nicholas, but as a young, naive man, Nicholas just wanted to have "fun".  He later learned that no one could love him, for who he truly was (kink and all), more than Lynn would. 
     Personally one of the things I loved about Nicholas and Lynn was the fact that they had time to explore life without each other.  Letting fate be the biggest component bringing their love back to life; and what a beautiful love to have. 
     Once they both realized they should be together, they were both very honest in what they had gone through in the past.  Weirdly enough they both went through some of the same things.  They both had turned to using heavy drugs and once that happened it took over their lives.  They both did many things they weren't proud of.  I found it beautiful that while they did crazy things to survive, they never passed judgement on each other. 
     Like I said earlier, this book is far from typical, but what makes it EXTREMELY different is the author's brutal honesty.  It takes a lot of courage to admit and come to terms with everything Nicholas shared in this book.  Knowing people can judge you for the things you did, yet not caring, because all you wanted people to know was the love you found, is just amazing, and truly inspiring.  I applaud you for that Nicholas Tanek. 
     Another huge factor of Lynn and Nicholas' relationship was referred to as "kink".  Some people are vanilla, while some like to explore.  There is no denying that Nicholas and Lynn were far, very far from vanilla.  But again, they accepted each other. 
     I honestly, truly believe there are people in your lifetime that you love, and then there is that special  someone who is your soul mate.  So all the relationships prior to meeting your "soul mate" ultimately prepare you for the love you're truly meant to experience.  Lynn was Nicholas' soul mate, and he was hers
     It goes without saying that I loved the story of Nicholas and Lynn.  I'm so happy to have experienced their love.  I wish I could give this book 20 stars, because that's what it deserves, but 5 bold stars will have to do.   Nicholas you truly outdid yourself.  If your journey taught me anything about Lynn, I know she would have loved this story.  You have gained a forever fan in me!
     I strongly recommend  this book to everyone.  You need to go and start this beautiful, emotional, love story that is The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself. 


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