Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cover Reveal for Amy Davies' upcoming book, Rafe- The Phoenix Boys

Lucy Cooper has known The Phoenix family all her life, but one particular Phoenix has always caught her eye, Rafe Phoenix. Rafe is a triplet with his brothers Ryder and Reeve and the three of them form a band called Inside Noise.. Lucy and Rafe's timing was always off, with boyfriends and girlfriends getting in the way but after a traumatic night at their high school bonfire, with a cheating boyfriend and a life changing event, Lucy and Rafe connect on a deeper level. Things happen in life that make you realize that you
need to escape and have time away to heal, so Lucy leaves. She needs to find herself again, which she does on her travels. After seeing the world and arriving back in LA months later, Lucy re-connects with Rafe, but will their friendship blossom into something more or will Lucy still hold him at arm's length?

Coming June 2014

Amy Davies Books
Author is a self-published author of Let Me Love You Coming soon The Phoenix Boys Coming soon an...
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Amy Davies Author
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Amy Davies
Author of Let Me Love You
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