Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shayne McClendon's Yes to Everything

I truly enjoyed reading Yes to Everything; it was an emotional, at times heartbreaking, perfect love story.  And as we all know, I love a good love story!

I loved everything about Brooke Kincaid's character.  At a young age, due to horrific events, Brooke was left to step up her responsibilities and raise her 3 younger siblings. 

What Brooke thinks is a small, one time job to make some quick cash, winds up being a huge life changing moment. Brooke never would've guessed the amazingly stunning, sexy Bradshaw twins would ever even consider her being apart of their band. It becomes an offer she knows she just can't refuse. 

Once Brooke starts to get used to her new life, she meets the delicious, older Rex. 
This former marine is a sexy, muscled,  pure alpha male and he isn't ashamed to take what he wants.  Rex owns the tattoo shop Brooke takes her younger brother to, while they're stopped in Chicago. 

What was a chance meeting, turns into a hard, strong, sexy, heated, beautiful love, that most people don't have the luck of experiencing. 

With one horrible act of vicious violence, everything Brooke had loved and cherished, gets brutally taken away from her, leaving her in a shell of the person she once was. 

Yes to Everything opened my eyes to fate.  Everything happens for a reason.  Knowing this doesn't take the pain away, or make you hurt any less.  Sometimes people come into our lives as a lesson, to prepare us for those we have yet to let in. 

Shayne's writing displayed such true heartfelt emotions.  While reading this book I spent half the time laughing, and the other half crying with a broken heart. 

This story takes you on a journey of losing everything you once held so close to your heart, and figuring out if there's anyway to move forward.  And if you decide to move forward, figuring out if you can ever possibly give in to a love like the one you just lost, ever again. 

Yes to Everything was a great read, Shayne has gained a forever fan in me!!


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