Sunday, March 2, 2014

Looking for a Hard Rock Escape?

     Cat Mason you are a wicked, wicked woman!  I finished Escaping Me in a day- nothing, and I mean nothing on my "To Do" list got checked off.  You gave me a true escape on one of the last days of my vacation, and I can't think of another place I would have rather been. That's a lie- I would have rather been on the tour bus with Shaft but we know that's not REALLY possible, now is it?

     There's nothing I enjoy more than a book with the perfect blend of characters, a story line that I can get lost in and super sexy RED HOT (ahem...) sex scenes.  Throw in a splash of tattooed rockers and (fanning myself) you've got a winner!  

     Great news Beauties!  Cat's book, Facing Me (Shaft on Tour Book 2) is set to be released March 25th!  You'll be hearing more from us about this 5 star page turner!

Go get it!



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