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C.A. Williams, Twisted Bliss Book Tour

Title: Twisted Bliss
Author: C.A. Williams
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: Late February 2014 

Finding yourself is all a part of life, and Della McGregor is finally happy with who she has become, even though she’s still missing something. She’s learned along the way that life isn’t always a perfect love story, but she may have missed her one shot at it. Unforeseen events might just stop that from happening. Justin Parker is done with the whole love thing, Della made sure of that. Old habits are hard to break, and his world is tilted on its side when dealing with the chaos. Is their love strong enough to find their way back to each other, or will their paths lead elsewhere? Twisted Bliss is the follow up to Chaotic, Book #1 of the Imperfect Perfection series.

Author Bio: Warning***These are NOT your Mama's romance novels***

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Twisted Bliss picks up right where Chaotic left off.  I couldn't wait to start this book, and was so relieved to know that it was waiting in my Kindle library for me to add it to my reader and see where C.A. Williams was going to go with this amazing tale she'd drawn me in to!

I couldn't imagine the futures of some of the characters if their paths were to continue on as they seemed to be destined!  And in the end, some of their lives changed as I thought they might and others totally shocked me!  This was a nice change from the typical story about boy meets girl, girl falls in love, boy breaks her heart, girl finds new love and lives happily ever after.  Don't get me wrong, Della gets her happy ever after, her journey- as well as all of the supporting characters in this book- isn't quite how I imagined.

C.A.Williams can write one RED HOT, STEAMY sex scene- I take that back.  C.A. Williams can write AMAZING, RED HOT, STEAMY sex scenes; these didn't over power the book or take away from the beautiful story line.  I'm definitely a new fan of hers.

This story touches on love, friendship, family, heartbreak, fear and hope. I really enjoyed reading both Chaotic and Twisted Bliss.  I'd give this book a rating of 4.5.  Twisted Bliss was a near perfect read for me.  I struggled a bit with the first quarter of the book, as I thought it could have moved on at a quicker pace; however the remainder of the story made up for it!

If you haven't already, follow the links and one click Twisted Bliss, as well as Chaotic!

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C.A. Williams is the author of The Journey Series, Full Count, Imperfect Perfection Series, and The Crush; all of the New Adult Genre. When she's not busy typing away at a new book, she's also trying to juggle three little ones. Living the dream!

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