Sunday, March 2, 2014

C.A. Williams, Chaotic is AMAZING!

I know I've got an incredible book in my hands when I tune everyone and everything out around me before I'm even through the first chapter!  I loved every single thing about this book.

C.A. Williams takes us on the journey of Adelaide McGregor's transformation from a spoiled, out of control party girl to a responsibly curious university student, hiding from a painful secret that's on the verge of leaking out.  Along the way, 'Della' discovers true friendship, rekindled love and a sense of family she's always craved.

I loved everything about this book.  C.A. Williams can write a RED HOT ROMANCE with a bit of humor, drama and angst.  This book is a 5 star read for me!

Chaotic is the beginning of an amazing series; fortunately the sequel, Twisted Bliss was released last week!  You won't be disappointed by this little beauty either.  My review will post March 3 for Twisted Bliss.                                                           <3  MK

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