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Barbara Speak's Finding Solace Book Tour


Title: Finding Solace
Author: Barbara Speak
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 24th, 2013

When Sadie Warren finds herself struggling to overcome an abusive relationship after high school, she seeks confidence by using random men to gain strength. All of that changes after one encounter leaves her to question everything she thinks she knows about who she is. In her journey of self discovery, Sadie finds out the hard way that sometimes love just isn’t enough. But then again, it can be.

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I have to say, it's books like Finding Solace that remind me how much I love, love. 

Finding Solace wasn't your typical "Boy meets girl, and lives happily ever after" story, and that's what I loved about it.  The whole story felt so real to me.  I loved every part of this book!

I loved Sadie's character.  She resembled a 20 year old girl who just wanted to live life carefree, and not deal with attachments.  It wasn't until I found out about her previous abusive relationship, that I understood her way of living.  After all, she was only 20 so I completely get the fact that she loved to party and hook up, that's what most 20 year olds do. 

One of the things I loved most about this book, was all of Sadie's friends.  They all had such a strong bond that was so beautiful to read about.  It was such a special friendship that people would only be lucky to have in life. 

A little bit into reading Finding Solace I met Colt. OK my feelings on Colt were love/hate.  I loved him, hated him, loved him again, and so on.  I felt from the start, Colt was just afraid of committing to Sadie.  Being that he was just amazing, Sadie agrees to a "friends with benefits" relationship with Colt.  Who wouldn't, he's freaking delicious.  Anyways, his way of treating Sadie in some situations was just a no no.  Even if he did make it up to her with his delicious sex.  Needless to say, their was some points in the book where Colt got me mad. 

Then Ash comes into the picture.  What can I say about Ash?  He's amazing, and what every girl dreams of in a guy.  He's respectful, beautiful, a gentlemen.  Did I mention he looks like a god?!! Ash wanted Sadie bad, but because of Colt, Sadie wasn't biting on Ash's bait. 

At this point I had no idea where the book was going.  I must say, I felt as torn as Sadie.  Knowing she had such strong feelings for Colt that she kept hidden, yet wanting to see where her relationship with Ash would go if given the chance.  I was so confused myself. 

Finding Solace was one of those books that I just couldn't put down.  I admit I dropped most of my motherly, and wifely duties to read this book.  Yes, it was that good!

Barbara has a beautiful way of writing.  The love, and pain I felt with the situations in this book, made me feel like I was the main character.  I felt every word that Barbara wrote. 

Finding Solace was a beautiful story of love.  Real love.  It went through different phases of love; First love versus the love of your life.  Finding Solace showed that sometimes in order to be happy, you need to let go of the one you love; It doesn't mean that you love that person any less.  Every relationship you're in, good or bad, teaches you life lessons.  That was the definition of Finding Solace; not regretting decisions you make based on love, because whats meant to be, will be. 

I can't say enough how much I loved this book.  I give it a deserving 5 stars!  I will definitely be reading more books by Barbara Speak.  She has gained a forever fan in me.

If you want to find out who Sadie chooses, go one click the links below, I promise you wont be disappointed!



I am a hard working wife and mother of two of the best kids ever. I spend my days sneaking in any reading that I can. When the idea of Finding Solace came to me, I had no choice but to get it out of my head and put it into yours.


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