Monday, January 6, 2014

STRINGS Kendall Grey

I just finished Strings by Kendall Grey.  Let me start by saying my insides are still hot & bothered (in a very good way) from this read.  HOLY (insert profanity here).  I was so not expecting this book to be so HOT!

Lets start off with Letty Dillinger

OK Letty is a f@#*ing rock star! Well she hasn't made it to the top yet, so technically shes an aspiring rock star, but shes a total bad ass.  Letty is an honest, take no shit from no one, no strings attached, type of girl.  Did I mention shes very sexual.  Like, she loves sex!  She would have never guessed that she would soon be falling for someone she thought nothing of.  Which brings me to Shades...

Shades is a sexy rocker, with tattoos and piercings; he plays the part and plays it well.  A chance meeting in a bar and an AMAZINGLY, HOT, SEXY NIGHT turns into something neither of them expected.

With everything from steamy, sexy scenes that will make you blush, to strong heart felt feelings; there's no denying the sexual attraction that both Letty and Shades share.  Especially after that one night; but could it ever be more than that? 

This story dives into the subject of lust or love.  The idea of reaching for your dreams and how just because our dreams don't happen the way we think they will, it doesn't mean they wont work out.  You can relate, right? We discover what happens when you stop trying to deny feelings of love, instead allowing the strings draw you closer to it. 

Kendall has a wild imagination and without a doubt kept this reader intrigued.  She definitely didn't disappoint! I cant wait to find out what's next in the second book to this series, Beats.  Once I find out, you know this Beauty will be back to share my thoughts!


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