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Songbird, Lisa Edward's Amazing Story About Rediscovering the Music of Your Heart!

Songbird (Songbird #1)
By Lisa Edward

Every relationship changes you, some for the better, others can shatter your confidence and almost destroy you.

For the musically talented, twenty-four year old Tara O’Connell, her relationship with Stephen almost broke her, until Tara found the strength to leave.

Now she is on the road to discovering that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and follow your heart.

As Tara’s self-belief grows, she meets two men she is instantly drawn to who will change her life forever.

Corporal Riley Hammond is a soldier in the Australian Military Special Forces. With his smiling sapphire blue eyes, Tara falls for him instantly. He is thoughtful and caring, and gives her the support and love she needs.

While Cole Michaels is the overconfident singer in a popular local band. His charisma, emerald green eyes, tattoos and piercing, have girls falling at his feet. But while Cole pushes
Tara’s buttons, he also pushes her to reach for the stars.

Both men couldn't be more polar opposites, but both offer Tara different qualities that she needs to fulfill her destiny.

As Tara continues her journey, she will discover fate can offer you more than one path. Her fate is in her own hands, and the choices she makes, will shape her life forever.

My Review
Every once in a while I come across a book that sounds like it has promise from the brief description provided.  As I start reading I often worry that I'll be disappointed by a slow start or poor character development, lack of description, grammar or spelling errors- any number of things.  It's always such a relief as the story starts to flow and the 'movie in my mind' starts to capture my attention.  I'm drawn to a place where I'm now one of the characters playing my part, as though I'm a part of the story.  

I feel the angst, the happiness, the heart break, excitement and emotions of each character.  My heart flutters when I'm introduced to the people I feel this connection with- right along with the main character- in this case, Tara.  

We meet Tara as she's being 'rescued' from a controlling relationship with a man who's done everything in his power to remove the music from her life.  For two years this man made every attempt to replace it with self doubt and  insecurity.  

With help from an amazing friend and a new family of friends, Tara rebuilds her life, finding color- to replace the blacks and grays that she had been forced to replace the vibrant colors she once wore. She finds solace once again, as music finds it's way back in her life, mending her heart.

This book is the beginning of a series I'm so excited to continue reading.  Lisa Edward has a talent for story telling; she paints a picture so vivid you become a part of her story with every one of your senses.  

As far as I'm concerned, Lisa nailed it with this story! Make sure you click on the links below to buy this book and bump it right to the top of your TBR list!           -MK

Excerpt - Tara & Cole on the Beach
We made ourselves comfortable on the sand and Cole started playing a piece I hadn't heard before, it was unbelievable.
“Just a little something I prepared earlier,” he said with a grin.
It was beautiful. It had a hint of flamenco to it and he played with such skill I was speechless.
Next we went back to the piece we had been toying with, but he added his own spin, obviously the change in scenery had worked.
“That sounds awesome,” I said amazed. “I can’t believe it’s the same song.”
I laid back on the sand listening to the waves and to Cole play.
“Do you need a pillow?” he asked, looking at me laying on the uncomfortable sand, and stripped off his t-shirt before handing it to me to rest my head on.
“You just can’t seem to keep your clothes on can you,” I teased as I folded the top and placed it under my head.
“Only when I’m around you,” he teased back.
He continued playing and I watched the clearly defined muscles in his shoulders and back flex as he strummed the guitar.
I hadn't seen his tattoos up this close before, and I took the opportunity while he was concentrating on the guitar to study them. The design on his arm was intricate, the wings on his back, beautiful. I lightly traced the outline of the wings, and I felt him shiver as he quickly glanced over his shoulder at me with a grin. But he kept playing so I kept running my fingers across the top of his shoulders and around the outside of his shoulder blades.
I looked closer still. I was sure I could see words interwoven in the feathers of the wings on his back. I sat up trying to find more.
“So you've finally seen that some of the feathers are actually words,” he said, smiling over his shoulder.
So I was right. I could see ‘Strength’ and ‘Beauty’ and ‘Courage’. What else could I find? There was ‘Harmony’ and ‘Peace’. It was absolutely beautiful. The closer I looked, the more I found.
“Oh my god Cole,” I murmured, “it’s magnificent.”
He placed the guitar down beside him. “There are about twenty words so far, I get more added as I think of words of significance. Do you really like it?”

About the Author

While Lisa Edward has called Melbourne Australia home for her entire life, she has lived and worked in England, and traveled through most parts of Europe and the United States. She loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter, or curling up into the early hours of the morning with a great novel. By day, Lisa works in the analytical IT field, so relishes the opportunity to foster her creative side through writing. Her deep appreciation for literature was nurtured from a young age, being taught to respect books and get lost in their stories. She enjoys reading honest and realistic novels that are relatable, thought provoking and leave a lasting impression. She can’t write without music playing, using the emotions from different songs to invoke that of her characters. Lisa takes inspiration from her own life experiences, the people around her and those she has met in her travels.

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