Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review - Non Friction - Morgan Parker - Rebecca

Non Friction
by Morgan Parker

4 stars

Oh, Mr. Parker -- you naughty, naughty boy you!   

First off let me say that I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did.   I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least!  One night I was just laying in my bed thinking of all the things I could be doing if I got up out of bed, but of course being it was 2 am, there was no way it was a good idea to get up and wake up the whole entourage.   I flipped through my phone (see, this was before I got my glorious Kindle, that I am now officially in love with and committed to) and remembered I had gotten this book to do a review.   I decided to dive into it... then proceeded to stay up ALL night finishing it.  

I was actually quite duped at first, and believed this whole book was a true story that really went down, since there's many "truths" among the "lies", or shall was say "fiction"?  I love the nicknames given, and the sheer sarcasm that oozes through.   I was able to picture everyone and everything, which at times was even more hilarious in my head after reading, if that's possible.   The story seems SO true, and I still can't believe it's a work of "fiction".  I also love that Mr. Parker not only alludes to his first novel Textual Encounters, but includes visuals throughout the book. The alphabet will never be the same again... 

The book is well written and flows quite smoothly.  I actually purchased Textual Encounters after reading this, and that one didn't grip me quite the way Non Friction did.   It was interesting, and the concept unique, and I'd probably have loved it if I read it first, but since I read Non Friction first, I was able to see where Morgan Parker REALLY shines and fell in love with his writing there.  It's different reading a story like this written by a guy, but knowing his emotions as turmoil was going down, made it all the better.   I really, thoroughly enjoyed this one! 

If you're looking for a sappy romance novel, this definitely is NOT the book for you, but if you're wanting to laugh, and think that this could be a totally believable situation, then you're heading in the right direction with this one!  

Let your }i{ LOL! 

my }i{ gives this 4 stars for humor, wit, sarcasm, and stay up all nightedness ;)

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