Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready to be Torn??

I just finished reading Torn from You by Author Nashoda Rose, and I'm honestly blown away!!!

Let me start by saying holy F*#!$%G SHIT!!! This book had me hooked since reading the first page.  I was addicted and nothing but reading more could help cure that fix!

It starts off in the prequel With You, where we meet Emily and Sculpt.  We are quickly introduced to a burning love that develops after Emily persuades Sculpt to train her to fight. 

Sculpt is an underground fighter, and member of a band.  He screams danger and sex mixed up in one.  He's very mysterious; no one even knows his real name or anything about him for that matter.  Emily on the other hand... sweet, sweet Emily.  She's innocent but can't help the pull she feels whenever she's near Sculpt.  They both finally give in to their feelings and it's beautiful.  Then the unthinkable happens...

Torn from You starts right where With You leaves off.  We're brought to a dark, dark, disturbing place.  And just when you thought you couldn't be anymore shocked by a plot; you're wrong, very, very wrong!

In the beginning of Torn from You, I honestly hated Sculpt (who's true name becomes known).  I just couldn't believe that he could possibly be the man he is revealed to be.  I was introduced to this new side of Sculpt; a scary side.  He was cold, dominating, demanding and scary.  I honestly found myself hurting for Emily; my heart tore for her.

Without giving any more away; I will say this is definitely one of my favorites.  The emotional heartache and betrayal that you feel while reading this book is unreal.  One second you're happy and the next you're heart literally hurts.  While reading I thought to myself, 'There is no way that Sculpt can ever come back from the things he caused Emily to endure... AND LET ME SAY... 'Boy, was I wrong!'. I so badly wanted to hate him for what takes place; but I couldn't.  By the end, I actually loved him!

If you like a dark, slightly disturbing, Dom/sub, passionate love type of book; this is the perfect read.  This book was a lot to grasp; It was raw and demanding. It leaves you wanting so much more.  I absolutely loved it!  Nashoda Rose has another huge fan under her belt.  I cant wait for the next book in the series!              


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