Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ready for love... Without Doubt

After reading a bit of a dark novel, I knew I had to read something a little more uplifting, and Without Doubt by C.J. Azevedo was the perfect book to read!

Without Doubt is the perfect love story.  It takes you on a journey through the hardships of being with the one you love. 

We are first introduced to the beautiful, strong Ava Sterling.  At a young age Ava had to grow up and take over some of the responsibilities that her sister left behind.  It's because of these responsibilities that she's vowed to never let anyone in to her heart for fear of getting too close and being hurt.  Even though Ava made this vow to herself, it doesn't stop her from crushing HARD on the sexy MMA fighter, Declan James. 

Oh what can I say about Declan James *fanning myself*? He's quite yummy, to say the least!  From the moment Declan sees Ava he's drawn to her like no other.  They both have strong feelings, and while Ava is trying hard to not let him in and break her personal vow, she finds it harder and harder as each day passes. 

This story is the true definition of love; demanding, hard falling, all in love.  When a very shocking truth comes to surface about the two, they have to figure out if love, Without Doubt is enough to survive what they are now being faced with. 

I loved the way C.J. brought me inside of each character.  This story was beautiful, and felt very real.  I cannot wait for more.  C.J. has gained a forever fan!!


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