Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Need.. More... BEATS

I'm still coming off of the high that is Beats.  I have to start by saying I freaking loved this book!!!

Beats, by the amazingly talented Kendall Grey, is the second book following Strings

I thought after reading Strings, their was no way a book could get any hotter, dirtier, and/or sexier. And boy was I wrong!

Beats starts off with getting to know some of the other Killer Buzz Float band mates, on a more personal, and intimate level. 

Jinx is a girl who hides inside a shell of her real self.  Classified as a "chameleon", and perfectly fine with that title. Jinx doesn't try in any way to reveal to her band mates who she truly is.  Deep down she's still trying to figure that out.  

We learned in Strings that Jinx has an attraction towards the mysteriously sexy Toombs. 

Toombs is a mystery.  A beautiful mystery.

Toombs and Rax do everything together.  They're best friends and band mates. They share everything, yes, even their women.  It's natural to them, and starting to feel natural to the other band mates. 

Jinx embarks on a dark, scary ride that will change her for the better or worse. 

Theirs no denying the attraction Toombs and Jinx share.  The question is will Rax stand in the way of what Jinx wants, or will he let the Beats of their hearts collide?

Beats will have you all hot, bothered, and sweaty by the time you're done.  Kendall outdid herself with these characters and the intense chemistry they all share.  I can not wait for the next book in this series.  I have no doubt Kendall will exceed any and all expectations.  Beats was without a doubt, a five star read for me!


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