Wednesday, January 1, 2014

M. Robinson's Smoking Hot Debut, VIP Won't Disappoint!

I just finished reading M. Robinson's debut novel, VIP and all I can say is, I NEED MORE!!!

I began reading this book not knowing much about it.  We start off being introduced to two characters, Sebastian and Ysabelle.  I loved Ysabelle's character the first moment I was introduced to her.  M. Robinson has a way with getting you to connect deeply with her characters.  

I felt for Ysabelle from the beginning; she had a sad excuse for a mother, which is why she made some of the choices she did.  Sebastian on the other hand, had a great upbringing.  He was raised in a family of wealth.  He and his best friend Julia were inseparable.  From the start you knew that Julia felt more than friendship for Sebastian.  

I liked how the author described each character; it made me feel like I knew them.  My heart broke for the things that Ysabelle had to go through, and at the same time, my heart was happy for Sebastian for the most part.  To say I was on an emotional roller coaster while I read this book is a complete understatement. 

Without giving too much away in this review, a tragedy happens in Sebastian's life that makes him realize that he loves and wants to be with Julia.  While that's going on, Ysabelle meets Madam and joins her team with VIP.

Fate brings both Sebastian and Ysabelle to the same place, and that's where everything starts to get juicy!  Their story is so frustrating, beautiful, sad, and every other emotion one can feel (sigh).  The way M. Robinson describes the emotional state of what these two characters are going through is amazing.  She literally hits every emotion from loving to agonizing heartache.

I do wish that I didn't have to wait so long to see the both Ysabelle and Sebastian interact with each other. I felt like I would have liked for these two characters to have met a lot sooner.  When they do meet, the feelings expressed and the circumstances they go through are well worth the wait. 

This book was a great book; I would recommend it to anyone looking for a deeply emotional story of two people from very different backgrounds finding each other and the attraction that draws them together; it left me wanting so much more.  VIP had a bit of a slow start but definitely ended with a BANG.  I cant wait to read more!  M. Robinson is off to a great start with this series.


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  1. I finished reading it a couple of nights ago, too! I totally agree with everything you've said -- I can't wait to read more!! :D