Friday, January 17, 2014

Love Without Boundaries

Without Boundaries, by the amazing C.J. Azevedo was the most heartfelt, beautiful, love story ever!

This book brought out the hopeless romantic in me, and reminded me why I love to love. 

I was first introduced to Bailey Hayes.  Bailey is a beautiful, sweet, charming girl, who happens to be in a horrible relationship. After only months of being in a "puppy love" state with her current boyfriend, Bailey decides to take the next step and move in with him, not knowing everything was going to change. 

Soon after moving in, Bailey was introduced to the controlling and abusive ways of her boyfriend.  Bailey was left hopeless, feeling like she was going to be stuck with the wrong person forever. 

That is until fate brings Bailey crashing into Talon.  Literally she crashes right into him while not looking where she was going. 

Talon from the start is completely taken with Bailey, and of coarse Bailey cant help but think Talon is just dreamy.

Will Talon be Bailey's shot at a chance of real love without boundaries?

C.J. once again had me hooked from page one!  I read this book in one sitting.   I wasn't able to put it down!! 

Without Boundaries will take you through the hardships of being in an abusive relationship, and learning the true meaning of not settling for less.  This book proves that there is such thing as a soul mate, as long as your willing to believe. 

C.J. did an amazing job with the writing in this book.  I felt so connected to each character, I felt every hurt, pain, happy, sad, and humorous feeling they felt.  I cried like a baby, both happy and sad tears.  I loved, loved, loved this book and cant wait for more of C.J.'s work!  I'll forever be a dedicated fan to the lovely C.J. Azevedo!


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