Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dirty Little Freaks, Jaden Wilkes (the book I didn't have to review but couldn't resist!) -MK

My new life as a Beauties and The Book blogger has taken me all over the world, either through the characters in the books I've read or the authors I've had the privilege of meeting- who have written these vary books. Most of the books I end up reviewing are scheduled via blog tours by promoters, street teams, or the authors, themselves.

And then there's the book I stumble upon when a friend asks if I've read a title she heard was the next best thing (or something along those lines).  The pleasure of sneaking in a book between one scheduled review and the next breaks up the feeling that I sometimes get when I'm reading a book that I know I HAVE to read.  And when I've finished reading, I realize I NEED to write about the book and share with others what an amazing book I've found.

Which brings me to my introduction to Jaden Wilkes and her book, Dirty Little Freaks.  I just met Jaden this past weekend when we both shared our thoughts about the same picture someone had posted on Facebook. I later saw her name again when someone referenced the book Jaden had written- now my curiosity was peaked.  I did a little search on and sure enough, there it was.  I clicked on the description of Dirty Little Freaks and skimmed over as my brain came to a screeching halt when I read, "A punk rock story about lust, love, and all the naughty bits in between."  I was one clicking the link before I even finished reading another word!  

It's probably important to mention that this book is definitely for audiences over 18 years old.  There are some very graphic scenes throughout the book and I'm sure the sex, drugs and well...more sex and more drugs throughout this book aren't for everyone.

There was no slow easing into this book.  From the second I started reading I was drawn in.  I pictured my friends and I meeting out at the local bar where any number of our favorite bands were playing.  We each had a crush on one guy or another in any one of the bands.  There were drugs and alcohol and (occasionally) a sexual encounter that words may never be able to describe.  And the music, oh the music whether it was a cover band that played the most amazing version of our favorite songs or a band who played only their own original pieces.

Jaden, your book took me there and beyond.  I was reliving some of my own memories but experiencing some encounters I can honestly say I've only had the opportunity to read about- thank God for words (ahem....) and thank you for fitting them all together in such a RED HOT HOLY PUNK ROCK SEX GODDESS FASHION!  I liked this book.  I liked this book A LOT.  

I'm looking forward to reading more of Jaden's work; I'll keep you posted!  I'd love to hear your thoughts once you've read this book or any of her others!    <3  MK

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