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Beth Ashworth's, Broken Truth Book Tour

Title: Broken Truth
Author: Beth Ashworth
Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance
Publication Date: November 15th, 2013

Life for Charlotte (Charlie) Harris couldn’t be any better at this moment in time. She has her dream job, she has the extremely wealthy knight in shining armour and she has the best friends a girl could ever ask for. On paper, the beautiful world unfolding at her feet almost appears too good to be true for a working class girl from Manchester right?

But what happens when you gloss over the statistics and realise that the happy bubble you have been living in for the past fifteen months has all been a twisted, torturous path of lies? What if you realised that the person you loved wasn’t who they claimed to be any longer?

With the once sacred and happy memories now turned into hatred and despair, Charlie must now follow her instincts to either forget her past and move on or force the hand that holds the cards to her life to reshuffle the deck before it leads onto the twisted future that lies in store.

What will she choose?

Can she forgive and forget for the only man her heart has ever loved?


Broken Truth is about a girl named Charlotte, who while waitressing at her second job to make ends meet, winds up meeting the amazing, handsome, very rich Callum. 

A little over a year after they meet, Charlotte now lives in Callum's extravagant penthouse.  The problem is due to Callum's job, Charlotte only sees him on the weekends, and hardly talks to him during the week when he's away. 

In the beginning of the book I knew Callum was hiding something.  In certain situations Callum was definitely a little shady.  When his secret is finally revealed it was totally an "OMFG" moment.  I was so mad at him, and my heart completely broke for Charlotte. 

The thing I loved most about Broken Truth, besides the steamy sexy scenes, was the loyal and loving friendship between Charlotte and her two best friends, Mia and Lucy. 

The true definition of friendship was shown in this story.  When Charlotte was a heartbroken mess, there was never a doubt that her two besties were right there for her throughout it all.  I loved that this book wasn't just about a girl who falls in love, but about a girl who was truly hurt, and had her friends there to help her get through it.  It reminded me that friendships are as important, if not more important than relationships. 

Broken Truth was a great book.  The characters go through situations that truly make your heart rate speed up.  I had multiple "Oh My God" moments where my anxiety was through the roof.  I loved the way Beth's words made me connect on a personal level with the characters.  I read this book in one sitting; not able to put it down.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good, heartfelt story!

I absolutely loved everything about this book, and look forward to more of Beth Ashworth's work. 



Copyright 2013 Broken Truth – Beth Ashworth

Excerpt One

          “I know you’re watching me, Baby.” The groggy sound of his voice startled her somewhat.

Composing herself, Charlie smiled. “No, I’m not.”

He grinned sleepily before brilliant blue eyes opened and met her stare. “I think you are,” he murmured.

Her heart began to flutter repeatedly as their eyes continued to stare at one another. It was always like this between them, this playful yet sizzling chemistry that Charlie hoped they would never lose.  “So what are you going to do about it then?” she challenged with a smirk.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, he gave her a look that practically melted her insides to a puddle of goo. Licking her lips seductively, Charlie continued tracing her fingers across his stomach, enjoying the feel of his skin blazing beneath her touch.

“Are you teasing me, Baby?” he asked with a hint of amusement. Lifting both of his arms to rest behind his head, Charlie watched as he tensed the muscles in his abdomen, defining the already ridged muscles further.

She knew he was playing dirty, but she also knew that she could play dirtier. It was definitely time for her to up her game she decided as she removed her hand from his body and placed it on her left thigh. Very gently, she ran her fingertips from the top of her leg to the bottom. His eyes widened as he watched her fingers pursue an unrelenting path over her soft skin until she stopped at the juncture of her thighs.

                                                      Copyright 2013 Broken Truth – Beth Ashworth

Excerpt Two
        The apartment’s intercom system buzzed noisily, jolting Charlie from her thoughts. Jumping up from her position at the breakfast bar, she hurried towards the intercom phone on the opposite side of the kitchen.

“Hi John, is he here?” she practically squealed, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

“Yes, Miss Harris. His electronic fob has just been used on the underground garage. He should be with you shortly,” he replied.

“Thanks John,” Charlie said as she disconnected the call and placed the phone back on to the wall receiver.

Knowing Callum was mere minutes away, she moved swiftly through the apartment to wait by the private penthouse lift. Fidgeting nervously with her hands, she watched as the numbers on the panel steadily increased through the floors of the building. Growing more and more impatient, she eventually heard the heart stopping ding of the doors opening and Callum’s smooth and sensual voice as it echoed across the marbled foyer.

“Damn, Baby,” he growled, running an appreciative eye over her body as he entered the foyer. “You look absolutely gorgeous.”

With a little squeal of excitement, Charlie found herself rushing straight into Callum’s open and waiting arms. His firm and strong grasp held her body tightly against his as his mouth dipped low to claim her lips in a ferocious and practically starved kiss.

She felt his hands slowly drift down the length of her back to cup her bottom, before he squeezed tightly to encourage her to wrap her legs around his waist. She complied silently, raising one leg to his hip so that Callum could lift her effortlessly against him.

Sliding her hands to lock around the nape of his neck for support, Charlie gasped at the feel of his erection straining against the material of his trousers.

Beth Ashworth was born in Manchester in 1990, but shortly moved to the modest city of Coventry where she was raised and still resides now.

As a vivid reader from a very early age, Beth has always been keen to put her words onto paper. As a child she was always found with either a book in her hand, a pen and notepad or a computer games controller.

Starting off by initially writing alternate endings to her favourite Jacqueline Wilson books from around the age of ten, Beth has continued to grow and love her passion for books.

Eventually, after many unfinished books and short stories, she finally decided to follow her passion and write books that she hopes people will love.

When she isn't reading or writing, Beth loves to spend time with her husband and friends

Twenty Fun Facts about Beth Ashworth

1.    My friends and work colleagues think that I am THE laziest person on the planet. Seriously... I don’t like to do anything.

2.  I swear like an absolute trooper. Leave your politeness at the door in my house...

3. I carry my Kindle wherever I go. You never know when you are going to be delayed right?
4. I have a VERY sweet tooth. (Two root canals at 23... Ouch!)

5. I’m terrified of the dentist.
6. I'm also terrified of spiders.
7. Did I mention heights as well?
8. My now Husband and I had a long distance relationship for over a year before he finally moved in with me. (Five years together and still as strong as day one!)
9. It was always a dream of mine to own a pair of Christian Louboutins. Now I have had them over a year and I am too scared to wear them. The red is too pretty!

10. I am part of the most amazing group of girls. My Smut Sisters are my besties and I love them! Within the small group of us, we bring authors, readers and bloggers together. We talk, we laugh, we support, we beta read, we gossip and we watch porn together. (Seriously... we are now past the point of no return)
11.  Video games are my obsession. I kick arse at Call of Duty... For real!

12. Justin Timberlake is my boo <3
13. As much as I love top 40 hits and big music artists, I am also a huge fan of K-POP. Girls’ Generation, SHINee, 2NE1, EXO, 2pm... Love! Love! Saranghae!
14. I had still have an unhealthy obsession with Christian Grey.
15.  I have a twitter, but I’m not as hooked with it as I am Facebook.
16. Twinkies and Mountain Dew are craved daily.

17. I hate tea and coffee... bleh!
18. Self-publishing my first book was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

19. I’m an only child.

20. I get over emotional at practically everything. Books, films and television programmes can have me in tears with the slightest of things. I need to learn to suck it up... I know.

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