Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aurora Rose Reynolds Does Not Disappoint with Until Trevor!

Wishing I had this warning label before I started reading this book.  It's perfect for this book!!

 I wasn't prepared for what this book was going to do to me.

     I fell in love with Trevor in Until November.  Just like his brother Asher, Trevor is 100% Alpha Male. We don't get to see his soft side very much though, until he meets Liz that is.  Aurora gives us a chance to get to know Trevor and Asher's other brothers in this amazing book, Until Trevor .  I can't wait for their stories...

     Liz is a very sweet and shy girl dealing with something that happens to be very close to my own heart; losing her dad.  As I read this book, I couldn't help but feel close to her.  I have never related to a book character before.  Liz's story brought out feelings in me that I can't begin to describe.  Aurora Rose Reynolds' ability to pour so much emotion into her characters caused me to face some of my own pent up feelings.  I cried like I have never cried before while reading a book.  It was like Aurora was writing about my life- minus the seriously sexy man (thank you very much).  She helped me heal.  It's a good thing Liz has that sexy Trevor in her life because all the twist and turns this book takes...Wow!  I would need his sexiness just to keep my sanity.

     I spent many nights in my reading nook (the bathtub) where the water seemed to go very cold- quite often because I needed to keep reading to see what would happen next.  And like Until November, the minute I was done; I had to reread it. If Aurora keeps giving us books like this, I recommend buying stock in tissues; boxes will be flying off the shelves!

If I could give a book 6 stars, this would be that book. It's worth every penny that you have to pay for it!

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