Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saviour, Lesley Jones

My feature review this week for Dreams Come True Promotion's blog tour is Lesley JonesSaviour. Lesley, you swept me off my feet with this book!  From the very first couple pages to the very last words in Saviour, I was captivated, intrigued and...oh my! I found myself concerned about the characters, their families and their situations. Lesley managed to tackle some pretty heavy duty topics head on with both sensitivity and concern.

I enjoyed following the story along from Lauren's point of view. From her own self doubt to her growing confidence; I found myself relating to the very real emotions Lauren struggled with.  I have to admit I was so relieved that there was such a sweet romance that bloomed from the very beginning of the book, despite the tumultuous marriage Lauren had survived for so many years. And Gabriel, oh sweet Gabriel. This man might as well have been gazing into my eyes the very first time we meet him. I heard his whispers in my ear, felt his breath on the back of my neck and felt my heart pause as I fell in love right along with Lauren.

I think Leslie Jones has the perfect mix of "Oh crap, it's 3:00 am and I have to work in the morning" story line and "red hot mad passion" romance scenes! I seriously thought I got an incomplete copy of the book or that my Kindle app was corrupted because I kept trying to turn the next "e-page," convinced that the story couldn't be over yet. I wanted more, needed more of Lauren and Gabe. Truth be told? I pouted for a minute or two because I didn't know yet that Resolution, (Saviour book 2)was waiting for me in my inbox.

This is a definite recommended read. It's that book you can't put down because you have to know what's going to happen next, but you set it down for a few minutes because you realize there's only 75% left to read, so you ration out your reading breaks for the rest of the night to hope for a few more moments with a seriously hot book boyfriend and a main character you've replaced your own image with (despite the author's precise description of her).

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