Sunday, December 29, 2013

REACHING OUT FOR YOU BY: S. Moose I can honestly say I SOO loved this book and cant wait to hear more!! Reaching out for you is the story of Adam and Sophia all the ups and downs and trying to escape the "friend zone"! Adam seems like an all around great guy and I kinda love him! but Sophia has some demons and is unsure how to deal with them all while she is currently in an abusive relationship with the evil Kyle! She wants Adam back and isnt sure how to get what she wants when they have been apart for so long or if he even feels the same way she does. what I loved about the book would have to be the love between Sophia and Adam its just amazing how she captured true love in writing!! I am so against abuse of any kind but its how she gets past it that is amazing! hope u all enjoy this book as much as I did!! ALWAYS YOURS! Amanda<3

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