Saturday, December 28, 2013


My name is Amanda Schmolke, and im a stay at home mom so I have alot of time on my hands lol!! I have a 5 yr old daughter her name is Rhianna she is my whole world and my boyfriend of 6 years his name is Ricky!! Not married lol his choice not mine but hey I love him anyway! I read a lot and I mean a lot I love books growing up my mom had to take them away from me so I would get something done and it happened a lot so why not give blogging a try i thought lol when I read books within the first few pages I know weather or not i will like them usually I end up liking them tho and I have an opinion about everything and no filter haha not much more to say i hope u enjoy my opinion on books!!! Im happy to be apart of this wonderful blog!!

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