Thursday, December 5, 2013

Currently Reading

Since I'm not cool enough to have an ereader yet (soon, it has to happen!) I read on my phone.  I generally use two main apps -- kobo and the kindle app. Here's what I've got on each right now.  Full reviews to come when I'm done reading.  

I'm loving both of them so far!!  Resolution is the sequel to Saviour which I previously read and seriously ADORED!  I felt kind of dumb not knowing some of the terms (Essex to Aussie chick is the main character, so of course I had to read it in my head with an accent!), but it was a great story that I stayed up all night and couldn't put down.  

With my two current reads, I've been so freaking tired I've fallen asleep with one of them open the last few nights.   :/    Send me coffee and energy, please!

Now, what are YOU reading?

♥ Rebecca 

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