Sunday, December 1, 2013

A bit about Rebecca

Oh, the dreaded "all about me" info post!  
C'mon, y'all know that this is always the most difficult, amIrightornot?   

Well, for starters my name is Rebecca, and I'm so glad you've stopped by to keep up with us Book Beauties!! I read a LOT, so I'd love to share my opinions on what I read and get the word out there for more authors!  Make sure you subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most out of what we have to offer. 

There are 4 things that I'm proud to say rule my life -- Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom.  I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mama of four AMAZING boys! They can drive me insane, but I'm fairly certain I do the same to them... and we wouldn't have it any other way! They're my world, seriously! 

In addition to the boys and the hubby, we've got 7 other hearts that beat in our home.  As if four boys weren't enough, right?  We've got 4 rescued dogs -- a 15+ year old Pittie Princess named Roxy Hart, a 7 year old Husky named Demon, a 5 year old Boxer who's my big baby named Bailey Rayne, and a 3 year old little Toto dog named Widget. We've also got 3 cats -- a 13 year old 6-toed tabby named Stuart Little (who's anything but little), an 11 year old calico named Kiki, and a 10 year old cross-eyed Siamese mix named Tinker Bell. Phew!! 

In my spare time (is there spare time!?! Of course!)  I LOVE to read (duh! Would I be doing this otherwise?) and my fave books are probably Urban Fantasy/Paranormal (but I will read and enjoy just about anything!).   I also like to design goodies (like custom graphics, invitations, logos, book covers, teasers, etc. Clickie here for my graphics website) and digiscrap, take peektures (TeamNikon, baybay!), bead/design crafty stuffs, shoot whatever I can with either my firearms or my bow, camp, hunt, fish, and do anything generally outdoorsy. I always have Country music on and probably drink too much coffee. Don't ask me to pick a fave book, song, or movie, because I just can't pick one and will probably give you a blank stare until you're tired of waiting for an answer... and last, but definitely not least I'm a DIE HARD Niners and Giants fan!!  :D 

Any other questions you have, feel free to drop me a line here!

♥ Rebecca

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