Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Bit About MK

     I thought I'd share a little about myself as we kick start Beauties and The Book.  First of all, welcome and thank you for joining Rebecca and I on this adventure in sharing our love of reading, romance and fun!  Pass on the good word to your own circle of romance readers; and if by chance you found your way to our blog without first finding us on Facebook, check us out there too: Beauties and The Book.
     I have had a love for reading for most of my life.  It started out with the likes of Margaret Wise Brown's, Goodnight Moon, Maurice Sendak's, Chicken Soup with Rice and probably even before either of these books, the book I think I studied and memorized, Richard Scarry's, Best Word Book Ever.  Yes, I've come a long ways from these classics (all of which are still on my bookshelf).  
     Tied for second to my love of reading is the passion I have for writing and story telling.  I passionately wrote in high school; poetry, fiction, non-fiction, investigative journalism (my piece on animal neglect/abuse resulting from Puppy Mills was riveting in Mrs. Klossner's Journalism class).  Let's just say I loved to write-everything from love letters to research papers.  And my love affair I've had with photography since receiving my very first point and shoot camera (more on that in a bit).
     After college came part time jobs, a husband, children, more college and a job taken out of desperation- which would lead into a 16+ year career with an amazing non-profit organization.  My passion for writing fiction was replaced with writing reports, evaluations, press releases, radio spots and grants (to name a few things).  I'd occasionally get a chance to do some personal writing- mostly therapeutic writing that was meant for myself and a few close friends.  
     Facebook posts I'd share about my children, my husband, a situation in public quite often become lengthy (shocker, right?!) but typically result in someone telling me I need to write a book.  Little do they know, I have about 4 of them in the works in the dark corners of my mind.  But reading was always there, it was my escape.
     I made a decision last year to start focusing on taking care of myself- holistically- mind, body and soul.  I've taken care of my family and friends my whole life; putting myself last for far too long.  I started my own photography business, Another Point of View Photography, connected with some like minded people and developed some incredible friendships, started working on two of my book ideas and made a conscious decision to advocate for some of the causes that I feel need as many cheer leaders as possible (Veteran's Rights and PTSD Awareness to name a couple).
     I've found myself given the opportunities to edit and beta-read for a few Indie Authors, and have gotten very close with a group of authors, bloggers, editors, readers, graphic artists, marketers and publicists.  Which leads me to this most recent project, Beauties and The Book (Facebook link) and our blog...which you've visited if you're still reading this!  I'm very new to this aspect of writing, but excited nonetheless.  Rebecca's assured me she'll be here to guide me along- and I'm planning on holding her to that!  
     So before I wrap it up, you should know what I like to read.  My very favorite books are love stories.  I love to hear the stories of couples meeting and falling in love, falling apart, re-kindling their lost relationships or moving on to bigger and better things.  I love to read about characters who are powerful, damaged, lonely, confident, troubled, misunderstood, musicians, artists, tattooed, in motorcycle clubs, CEO's, vampires, ghosts, vampire hunters, time travelers...and my list goes on.  I read all kinds of romance genres- more than I once knew existed.  You may not agree with many of them, they may not be books that you'll enjoy- or ever desire to read.  That's okay; if I do my job right, you'll know whether it's a book you should pick up or chose to pass over.  
     I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to send me a Facebook message on our Beauties and The Book page or e-mail me! -MK


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